YouTube Ads Made Easy

YouTube Ads Made Easy

YouTube Ads Made Easy

Learn How to Drive Laser Targeted Traffic to Your Offers, Skyrocket Your Sales & Boost Conversions with YouTube Ads.
No Prior Experience Required.

Take your business to the next level by applying our tested and proven strategies to succeed with Youtube Ads in 2019 / 20.

Our NEW YouTube Ads Made Easy online course is a step-by-step application course that ensures you have every piece of information and training you need to succeed with YouTube Ads. All you have to do is follow along and apply the steps shown in the videos to create highly effective YouTube ad campaigns. *** Sample video clips from the course at the end of this page ***

Reaching the right audience for your business is the hidden key to exponential growth, more sales and profits and video ads are quickly becoming the most effective way to do this.

There are far more people watching YouTube videos that TV now!

On average, people from around the world watch more than 1 BILLION hours of video on Youtube every single DAY!

YouTube is by far the most popular video streaming platform around now and has become a major source of traffic for online businesses.

Because of this, more and more professional advertisers are actively launching their campaigns on the platform, and now you can too!

Harness the Power of YouTube Ads to skyrocket your business success!

YouTube ads are viewed 91% of the time.

YouTube mobile ads are 84% more likely to hold attention than other mediums available.

More than 40% of new customers buy a product after watching a related YouTube ad

400 hours of video is uploaded to YouTube every minute

5 BILLION YouTube videos are viewed on averred every day

Our NEW YouTube Made Easy course delivers the most up-to-date and proven strategies to boost your business quickly.

This step-by-step course comprising of 20 Modules ( HD training videos) is designed to show you exactly how to create engaging and profitable YouTube advertising campaigns to boost leads, sales and profits.

You can apply the strategies outlined in this course to easily connect with potential customers in an effective and unique way.

  • It works today...
  • It will work tomorrow...
  • It will work for months and years to come...
  • It works for product creators
  • It works for service providers
  • It works for me and will work for you



You’ll discover advanced YouTube ads tips and tricks used by top marketers to boost sales and profits as well as...

Drive laser targeted traffic to your offers

Reach diverse audiences precisely worldwide

Create targeted advertising campaigns easily

Boost customer engagement for your brand

Get better results with your marketing efforts

All you need to do is follow the exact steps shown in the videos, apply these proven strategies and get your business way above your competitors.

Course Content includes:

Video #1: What Are YouTube Ads All About?
Video #2: Getting Your Channel And Website Ready For YouTube Ads
Video #3: Setting Up A Basic YouTube Ads Campaign
Video #4: How To Promote Your Stuff In Recommended Videos And On YouTube Search
Video #5: Generating Qualified Website Traffic With YouTube Ads
Video #6: Generating More Sales With A Product Consideration Campaign On YouTube
Video #7: Generating Cheap Video Impressions With Skippable In-Stream Ads
Video #8: Getting More Qualified Views With Bumper And non-skippable Video Ads
Video #9: Reaching More Mobile Users With An Optimised Out-stream Video Ad
Video #10: Generating Email Leads With A YouTube Ads Campaign
Video #11: Creating A Video Ad Sequence Campaign
Video #12: How To Create The Perfect YouTube Ad Creative In 2019-20
Video #13: How To Add Interactivity To Your YouTube Ads In 2019-20
Video #14: How To Create Advertiser-Friendly Videos And Avoid Violating Ad Policies In 2019-20
Video #15: YouTube Ads Best Practices For Marketers In 2019-20
Video #16: Advanced YouTube Ads Tips and Tricks That Work In 2019-20
Video #17: Do's And Don’ts
Video #18: Premium Tools And Services To Consider
Video #19: Shocking Case Studies
Video #20: Frequently Asked Questions

Get more exposure for your business quickly, become a YouTube Ads expert today!

Get instant access to this step-by-step online course now.

Sample video clips from the course.

NOTE: You can no longer run YouTube ads from within your YouTube account, this has to be done from your Google Ads dashboard as seen in these video clips.

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